Unit: Membership Department and Project Department

Salary: Voluntary/Part-time/Free Training’s/Opportunities/High profile networking/Career Coaching

Membership Fee: $25

Location: All African Countries

Application Closing Date: 15 December 2019

We are currently recruiting 1000 Associate Members Project Assistants.

Read the below information and apply. Fill out the Application form below and click Submit.

Who are we?

This is an excellent opportunity to join a thriving organisation/social enterprise and help secure its future and be partner of our organization managing your own project. We operate as a non-government organization with a goal of nurturing, providing mentorship and training to aspiring young politicians or political leaders, student leaders, social movement activists, aspiring young entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs and facilitating the development of the next generation of leadership at all levels.

We have high hopes for the future, and we are looking to bring on board new team members to help our organization grow. We are looking for Associate Member Project Assistants to join our team in Ghana. As we’re a start-up, you’ll have a direct impact on the success of our organization.


Call for Applications!! 

The membership of the organisation is open to all individuals who meet the below eligibility but to become a Fellow Member Project Officer or Fellow Member of the Network, one needs to satisfy the fellowship eligibility.



  • Should be between the ages of 18-40 years
  • Should be a student in a tertiary institution or have completed post-secondary education or
  • Should be a professional, entrepreneur or a leader (business, political, activist, etc) or passionate about leadership
  • Ability to pay an annual fee of $25 for Associate Member in Africa
  • CEO’s, Serial Entrepreneurs and/or Founders (optional) OR
  • Intention to set up a business
  • Must be ambitious
  • And has made a valid application

You Are;

  • Self-motivated and driven
  • Forward-thinking with great initiative
  • A thinker and a doer
  • Customer and results focused
  • A Strategic problem solver
  • Analytical and data-driven
  • Humble but confident

You have; 

  • Planning and organisational skills
  • The ability to work under pressure to complete multiple tasks, meet demands and meet deadlines with a positive, constructive attitude (for Associate Member Project Assistants).
  • A pleasant personality with good communication and people skills.
  • Ability to work as a team (for Associate Member Project Assistants)
  • Ability to pitch or market organizations projects and events successfully including meeting sale of tickets targets
  • Basic experience in project management although not necessary as we will provide training for all Associate Member Project Assistants (AMPA) (for Associate Member Project Assistants).

Benefits as an Associate Member of YPLN

  • Benefit from our Mentorship programmes on a peer group format both home and/or abroad
  • 25% Discount on all paid events of YPLN internationally including Young African Leaders Summit
  • Attend all YPLN’s yearly local event at a good rate
  • Benefit from our Leadership training workshops/webinars
  • Eligible to participate in our Future Leaders Fellowship Programme at a reduced rate for Associate Members
  • Eligible to become an Associate Member Project Assistant
  • Associate Member Project Assistant with business or entrepreneurial idea will be eligible to apply for our Kickstart Entrepreneurial Challenge/Competition for free
  • Members of YPLN will be eligible to attend our high profile World Congress for Young Politicians & Leaders 2022 and Asia-Africa Young Leaders Summit
  • Business Networking Breakfast Meetings once every four months
  • Flexible working (for Associate Member Project Assistants)
  • Managing your own workload & schedule but meeting deadlines and timelines (for Associate Member Project Assistants)
  • The opportunity to work with a small, friendly group of people (for Associate Member Project Assistant)
  • Ownership
  • Opportunity to become a Project Head
  • Gain valuable practical experience in project management and valuable working experience
  • Eligible to be elected to serve a 1-year term on the Executive Council
  • Automatic member of the African Youth General Assembly (AU Model)
  • Membership card or membership certificates
  • Regular updates from YPLN

As an Associate Member, it is not compulsory to undertake any additional task as Project Assistant thus Associate Member Project Assistant (it is optional) but you are required to attend or participate in at least 3 of our major initiatives mandatory among them are the Young African Leaders Summit (yearly summit) and enrolling onto the Future Leaders Fellowship Programme (a programme which you will enrol onto once thus a one off programme for all members) and any other project/event/initiative you are interested.

Failure to commit to these 2 mandatory initiatives (Young African Leaders Summit (yearly summit) and enrolling onto the Future Leaders Fellowship Programme (one off programme for all members) may result in membership being terminated unless prior permission was requested by the said member.

Tasks (ASSOCIATE MEMBER PROJECT ASSISTANT- optional); This is only for Associate Members who indicate that they again want to serve as a Project Assistant

  • To support Project Heads/Heads of Project or Country Chief Project & Liaison Officers and management members to ensure effective development and implementation of projects vision and strategy.
  • Contribute to the strategic organizational plan by setting short-term and long-term goals, driving overall strategy and delivering against KPIs for Projects as well as informing and supporting cross-projects priorities.
  • Coordination and planning of weekly or bi-weekly or monthly projects.
  • Any other duties or responsibilities assigned to you by Project Heads or Country Chief Project & Liaison Officers.
  • Associate Member Project Assistant will belong to one of the various projects or areas;
  1. Partnership and Sponsorship team
  2. National Mentorship team
  3. Women Initiative team
  4. Young African Leaders Summit organizing team
  5. Leadership & Nation Building team
  6. Young African Founders Forum team
  7. Biannual Lecture team
  8. Future Leaders Fellowship Programme team
  9. Project Protocol Team
  • As a member of a project team, you are expected to roll up your sleeves and fill gaps as needed by the organization while you expand your teams.

Experiences and Qualifications you will gain as an Associate Member Project Assistant;

Depending on which team you are applying for;

  • event management experience or qualification;
  • partnership and sponsorship experience;
  • experience working in a project team or as part of a project team;


  • All the above Eligibility for Associate Member and
  • Must have successfully completed FUTURE LEADERS FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME and been inducted at our official ceremony. (A graduation ceremony will be performed each year)
  • Ability to pay an annual fee of $35 for Fellow Members in Africa

Benefits as Fellow Member of YPLN

The names of all Fellows of YPLN shall be published on our websites. Below are some the benefits of Fellow members:

  • Fellow members will participate in conferences, workshops, bootcamps, leadership and entrepreneurial summits in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, USA, UK, Germany and other countries which will be partially or in some cases fully supported by our international partners in those countries and YPLN. Certificate of participation will dully be issued
  • Benefit from our Mentorship programmes either one on one support or peer group of like-minded people both at home and abroad
  • Benefit from our travel and tour initiatives
  • Benefit from our facilitation programmes where Fellow members with viable business proposals and start-ups can seek for funding
  • High level networking and mentorship both home and abroad
  • 35% Discounts and exclusive access to all our international annual programmes including Young African Leaders Summit
  • Certificates issued after completion of our Future Leaders Fellowship Programme
  •  Graduation and induction ceremony performed for all successful candidates
  • Fellows of YPLN will be eligible to attend our high profile World Congress for Young Politicians & Leaders 2022 and any other high-level events organized by our partners worldwide
  • Business Networking Breakfast Meetings once every four months
  • Become Fellow Member Project Officer after successful completion
  • All other benefits enjoyed by Associate Member
  • Fellowship card and certificate

NOTE: Once an application is received (After the application deadline), we shall email you with an official letter confirming receipt of application and membership numbers. The letter will detail when you can proceed to make membership payment and any other information relevant. 

Email, Call or WhatsApp us if you have not heard from us about your application after 1 month – / 0542964411/ 00447903857764

Click this link to read the ”Terms & Conditions” and come back to complete this application

Application Process

Step one: Fill out and Submit the online application form below

Step two: We will review all applications and send notifications via email after 15 December 2019 to all applicants. 

Step three: Successful applicants will receive an appointment/membership letter 

Step four: All applicants will receive the unique membership number and will be able to log into our membership portal.